Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

Allison B. Hudson

On last Thursday morning, hundreds gathered for the annual prayer breakfast at the Lemann Center. Donaldsonville resident Tracy Marquette helps put this event on every year and each year is more successful than the last.

The theme this year was: Prayer, for such a time as this. The morning began with praise and worship by Gary Joseph and the “Roots of the 23rd” music band from AMIKids School. Donaldsonville High JROTC did the presentation of colors, followed by the National Anthem being sung by Quiana Green.

The Invocation was given by Word of Life Church Pastor Lloyd Delatte, followed by a song by Haley Bouchereau.

Raymond Carbo said the prayer for the military, Allison Hudson said the prayer for the media, Pastor Jamie Elliot for business, Father Phil Spano for education, Matt Bourgeois for the church, Rev. Wilma Jackson and daughter Leonzell for family, and Donna Gaignard for the government. Pastor Derek Smith challenged everyone to pray daily and Mayor Leroy Sullivan gave closing remarks.