Cadet of the Month

Allison B. Hudson

First and last Name: Vadoll Junior

Favorite subject and hobbies: my favorite subject is science. My hobbies are going to the mall and to movies with friends.

Future Plans: I plan to attend the University of West Georgia and major in Chemistry and then become a teacher.

Why JROTC? I chose AFJROTC because it helps me build my character and personality.

What do you like about the program? My favorite thing about this program is that it helps me to become a better person and improves my life skills.

What are your goals in the program? My goals in JROTC are to be on the Cadet Staff and be the best cadet I can be.

If you can spread the word to others to join JROTC, what would you say? I would tell others that JROTC is really a great program and you can learn and grow as a person.