Boating incident still unsolved on Lake Palourde

Morgan Landry

Two drowning remained a mystery on last Monday morning as authorities questioned why two people entered the water without life jackets in Lake Palourde near Morgan City. The incident in which a Donaldsonville man drowned became clearer as of Tuesday morning.

Three people were boating when for an unapparent reason a female boater was thrown overboard.

Wildlife and Fisheries agents report that Michael St. Amant, 39, went missing after he and another passenger, Theresa Hidalgo, 18, of Gramercy, fell overboard from Michael’s 16-foot bass boat around 2:30 p.m. on June 20 according to Michael’s wife, Andrea, who was the third person on the boat.

Andrea said that she did not know how to operate the boat and did not have cell phone service.  After drifting for a few minutes, Andrea said she was able to flag down some nearby jet skis who then were able to get to an area with cell phone service to call 911.

LDWF Enforcement Division agents received the 911 call and arrived on the scene within minutes and began searching for missing boaters until nightfall.  Other agencies participating in the search for Michael and Theresa are St. Mary’s and St. Martin’s Parish Sheriff’s Offices, the Patterson Police Department, Stephensville Fire Department and Morgan City Fire Department.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Enforcement Division reported that a missing Donaldsonville man who drowned in Lake Palourde was found last Tuesday morning at 10 a.m.  As of this time the body of the missing woman remains unfound.