Sangisetty visits Donaldsonville to inform the community of his efforts

Allison B. Hudson
Pictured is Donaldsonville Councilman Reginald Francis, Ravi Sangisetty who is running for U.S. Congress, Third District, and Mayor Leroy Sullivan last Thursday evening as he answered questions of residents.

Ravi Sangisetty, U.S. Congress, Third District

1. Tell the community about yourself?

My name is Ravi Sangisetty. I was born and raised right here in South Louisiana. My parents came to this country from India looking for opportunity. My dad stepped off a plane over thirty years ago with seven dollars in his pocket and a dream of a better life for his family.

They found success right here in South Louisiana. They worked hard, played by the rules and taught me to do the same thing. I graduated from Vanderbilt Catholic High School in 1999, received my undergraduate and graduated from LSU law in 2006. I served a federal clerkship after law school, and then I went into practice as a business attorney.

2. What do you want people to know about your campaign?

I’m running for Congress because Washington is broken. I’m frustrated and discouraged with the direction of this country and in particular the federal government. When my dad came to this country, this was the land of opportunity. Now, more and more, it’s becoming the land for the opportunistic.

We need new blood in Washington, not career politicians. We need reform and we need it now. Taxpayers are funding bailouts, golden parachutes, pay raises and Cadillac health plans for career politicians and their friends.

I’ll be a conservative voice standing up for South Louisiana values. I’m 100 percent pro-life and pro-gun.

3. What is your strategy?

My strategy is to meet as many voters as I can. The people in this district are fed up with government dysfunction, and I am too. When I am out there talking to people, I tell them that Washington is broken, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of issuing a drilling moratorium, the federal government could have marshaled all of its resources toward the cleanup of BP’s spill. Instead of the Army Corps of Engineers taking decades to study a problem, we could take their decision-making power away so that decisions that affect the people of South Louisiana are made here.

4. What makes you different from others?

I’m different because I am not a career politician or a political insider. I’m a regular guy. If elected, I won’t accept taxpayer-funded healthcare or retirement. I won’t become a lobbyist after I leave, and I’ll never vote to raise my own pay. I want to get the job done and come home.

5. And tell me about your visit to Donaldsonville and what the community needs to know about you in relation to Donaldsonville?

Donaldsonville was one of the first three stops on my Fresh Voice Tour. I met everyone at the event and listened to his or her concerns. That’s the best part of campaigning, getting to talk to people and hear their stories. I want to go to Congress to fight for them.

6. Why did you stop in Donaldsonville? Obviously it was important to you, so tell the community why?

One of my top priorities is honoring military service. Ascension Parish has nearly 6,000 veterans, one of the highest concentrations in this district. We need a new G.I. Bill that makes sure soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan can get a college education. We also need to expand healthcare for veterans, and make sure that those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder get the care they need.