Freedom School holds finale

Allison B. Hudson

Over 70 children spent six weeks of their summer vacation, reading and participating in several activities that will enhance their growth. Children in Donaldsonville participated in the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School Program, hosted by the River Road African American Museum.  The program was available to children across the United States. Students performed on last Thursday evening at Donaldsonville High School.

“Over 70, 000 kids were off the streets this summer, thanks to this program,” said Project Director Kathe Hambrick-Jackson.

Over several weeks, children read several books according to their ages, and interpreted them in several ways, through songs, poetry, and other activities.

Classes were divided in four categories as levels.

“These students are simply amazing, and they really enjoyed camp,” said Site Coordinator Ajia Morand.

Each level of students performed their own skit or song for parents, community leaders, and friends.

Hambrick mentioned that none of this would have been possible without the servant leader interns: Raquel Desire, Shuntel Jenkins, Bianka Sutherland, Michael Nelson, Cherise Steib, and Deshauna Ricardo, Mental Health Therapist Wanda August, and Art Therapist Chanelle Claiborne.

Freedom School students’ motto is: “I can make a difference in myself, in my family, in my community, in my country, and in my world with hope, education, and action.