5 Things You Should Know About the Ascension Counseling Center

Allison B. Hudson

The Ascension Counseling Center located in Donaldsonville is open for business and has many opportunities available for the community to take advantage of.

1. The Counseling Center offers free HIV testing on a monthly basis. They also have several prevention programs for teen pregnancies, and even have a program for single mothers that help provide small appliances for their homes. Cancer survivors can attend monthly support meetings with Wanda August to help get through trying times. A program called, Grandparents raising grandkids is offered to those who fit the description during the school year with the help of school administrators.

Suzanne Hamilton, Director of the Ascension Counseling Center wants the community to know they are here and the programs are offered to help anyone who needs them.

2. The Counseling Center works closely with the school system to offer programs to students in need during school hours and after hours. Several programs have been implemented in the past school years such as: Boys to Men, where boys receive tips on interviewing for jobs, and etiquette techniques to use. Adolescent Treatment Group for students who suffer with substance abuse. Girl Talk is geared towards middle school girls to discuss issues that arise for them at their critical ages. Hamilton said that the goal is to focus closely on programs they can implement and how they can be involved in the schools.

3. The Counseling Center has a psychiatrist who will see patients on one Thursday every month in Donaldsonville. The Center has three substance abuse counselors, four mental health counselors, and one mental health and substance abuse counselor. The center also plans to hire a social worker that will focus on case management issues, and find resources for those who need it. The center also has several interns from Louisiana State University, and Southeastern University.

4. The Center houses a jail program where inmates who need special medications and special needs receive what they need through the counseling center. The center plans to expand this program to inmates who leave the jail and still want to resume treatments or need help getting a job or any other training they may need.

5. The Ascension Counseling Center is located at 419 Memorial Drive in Donaldsonville. To find out additional information, you can call 225-473-8342. The Center also has a counselor who is on call 24/7 for emergencies.