Parish Master Plan meeting held

Staff reports

On Tuesday, the Parish's Office of Planning and Zoning Commission held its first Master Plan meeting at the Lemann Center.

Ricky Compton, of the Parish, explained to residents the plan and direction the Parish would like to take, but he said the best way to find out what's best for the community is by asking residents what they would like to see in their community.

Compton told residents that the Parish is allowing the 39 page plan to serve as a guide.

"The Parish will be destroyed if we continue to build on half acre lots," said Compton. "This Master Plan is a guide to prevent this."

Residents raised several questions to Compton about the city.

In the Master Plan, is there any talks about the extension of highway 3127? As of now, no, but Compton hopes it will be an engaging process in the near future with the correct people.

Another resident asked what would the benefits be of allowing the extension and bringing traffic to Donaldsonville? The benefit would be allowing truck traffic and warehouse storage. Parish Councilman Kent Schexnayder told residents that economic developers want to see four way highways and interstate access, and as of now Donaldsonville is missing out on this.

"If we begin a plan that will allow things like this, it would only benefit Donaldsonville," he added.

Compton advised that zoning maps and rules will stay the same as they are now and said consistency is key in this plan.

"We can't improve a plan that is inconsistent," said Compton.

This was the first meeting held in the Parish about the Master Plan, Compton will be going to all neighborhoods in the Parish to get their input about things they would like to see in the community.

This is the first step to working a consistent Master Plan to keep Ascension Parish growing.