Davis defeats Bailey in District 1

Allison B. Hudson

On Oct. 2 primary election ballot in District One, the race was heated and only one could come out on top.

Five-term incumbent Catherine Davis, an educator in Iberville Parish Schools, defeated newcomer Dwayne Bailey, a process supervisor.

Davis said that the progress Donaldsonville schools have made, all of which have moved off of the “academically unacceptable” list, and a plan already in the works to move junior high students to a separate campus which will happen anyway, she said.

Bailey focused on changing the results of standardized test scores in west bank schools as a reason he decided to run for the seat, and is viewed upon as a catalyst for change. Bailey said he disagreed with the decision to move seventh- and eighth-graders in the Donaldsonville High feeder system years ago onto Donaldsonville High School’s campus, and would like to see that corrected in the near future.

Davis says she has a plan in place and is looking forward to putting into action during the continuation of her term.