Breast Cancer Awareness Katie Collins…my breast cancer story

Allison B. Hudson
Katie Collins, a Breast Cancer Survivor

Katie Collins was diagnosed in August of 2000 with breast cancer.

“When I found out it really didn’t faze me too much, because I am a licensed practical nurse and I was well educated about the importance of yearly mammograms,” she said. “I had been having annual mammograms for years. The next step was to exercise my Christian belief and know that God was in control of all situations.”

She says her next step was to follow-up with her doctor to come up with a plan of her care for her particular situation.

Her process:

“I had an auxiliary dissection done to determine whether or not the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. Thank God it hadn’t!   I went through Chemotherapy and Radiation.  I’ve been a survivor for 10 years,” she says proudly.

Her advice to others:

I would advise others to have their mammograms done as often as their doctor tells them, especially if there is a family history of cancer.

It is important to be checked because early detection is the best cure.

“If I had not been having annual mammograms it would have been detected too late and I probably wouldn’t be here today.”

Collins believes that my early religious training helped me to go through this as well as a loving and supportive family.

She states God is in control of all situations.

“If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer, go into it with a positive outlook and you will have positive results.  I believe that whatever problems and difficulties we go through is not for us, but for us to be a testimony to others who are going through this same thing so that God can get the glory. Remember all sickness is not unto death.”