Breast Cancer Awareness Carolyn Ward…My breast cancer story

Allison B. Hudson
Carolyn Ward

Carolyn Ward was diagnosed in August of 2004; her doctor Dr. Houser broke the news to her. As she thinks back to that day, she said she did not shed a tear, when the doctor asked if she was okay, she responded with a simple yes.

“I could not immediately respond to him because I began to pray, as my mom and daughter sat crying, I prayed,” she said.

She explains how it began a new chapter in her life because it was not a battle for her, but for God.

“I went to share the news with my family because they are my strength and support system.”

Ward said she had 13 lymph nodes removed, and the cancer was a half-centimeter in size. She says that it was detected through a regular mammogram test.

“I was told I would have to do 16 chemotherapy treatments but with God on my side, I only did one.”

“As I sit proudly today, I can say I am a breast cancer survivor of six years,” she shares.

Her advice to others is to do your yearly mammograms and examinations. Early detection is the best cure, and remember God is in control.