Council takes stand against rundown properties

Allison B. Hudson

During the regular scheduled city council meeting last Tuesday, councilmen discussed blighted properties in the city of Donaldsonville. Examples were given of certain areas that were worst than others such as the Port Barrow area.

Several councilmen have been requesting that blighted properties be made a top priority of the city, and councilmen are working towards that goal.

Emile Spano said that one way to prevent blighted properties is for the council to stop allowing so much time for owners to fix up or become code approved.

The council agreed on this prevention and in the next few months will work hard to clean up blighted areas and prevent others.

After heavy discussion and several ideas, the council voted for City Attorney Chuck Long to send out certified letters beginning the legal process against property owners.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan Sr. asked council members to draft a list of properties in each of their districts that they feel are in most urgent need of action.

“Even if I have to go out there and document the property’s condition myself, I’ll do it,” Sullivan said.

Also the council discussed gas connections in the city. The council voted to enact a fee for new connections to the gas system.

The ordinance was adopted that all new gas taps located 60 feet or less from the main line will be a $500 charge.