4 things to know about the Bereavement program at Ourso Funeral Home

Allison B. Hudson

Ourso Funeral Home in Donaldsonville is offering a new innovative expressive arts bereavement group. The group is being offered to family members, loved ones and friends who have lost a loved one. This group is offered as a freeservice for those who want additional support in their healing process.

  1. Each group session will involve various types of art making and sharing. All participants are provided with various expressive arts materials such as drawing materials, paints, clay, mask making, script composition, letter writing, listening to music or poetry composition for individual or group exercises to facilitate participants grief recovery. “Absolutely no art talent is needed”to learn ways to express emotions that can be healing for the group participants through various art forms, which often augment verbal expression in the various group discussions. Participants are encouraged to keep a personal  art and/or writing journal to facilitate healing and to share from their journals at the next group session. 
  2. Isabel Espinosa of Ourso Funeral Home said she decided to start a bereavement program because she felt that the funeral business lacked in helping families after a service deal with their grief.  “Grief is not an easy process for individuals to deal with on their own and sometimes it is hard to talk to others who can't understand where you are in your grief. This program allows for individuals to build relationships with others who are going through similar difficulties; every individual experiences different types of grief but this group will help them find individuals to relate to during this difficult time in their life.”
  3. They held there third session this past Monday, and Espinosa said her plan is to have a six-week session then have a memorial candlelight service held in January after the holidays then continue with another six-week session and continue in a cycle for the families of Donaldsonville. Espinosa said that not every six-week session will consist of art therapy but will be different forms of therapy.
  4. It is important that families are able to come to a place within their community to help through their grief; we hope that families are able to find that at Ourso Funeral Home. It is important that families know that we are not only there for the planning of their loved ones funeral but we will be there to help them to the best of our abilities afterwards.