Foster grandparents celebrate 34 years in Donaldsonvill

Allison B. Hudson

On last Tuesday, four extraordinary women received well-deserved awards for their outstanding participation as Foster Grandparents in the Ascension Parish School System. Williemae Banks, Josephine Sehonberg, Ollie W. Cooper, and Joyce T. Knockum have served 34 years in the school system as Foster Grandparents.

These women say they got involved in this program through Beatrice Robinson and they have not stopped ever since. They go into the schools and help out in the classrooms and help kids with whatever they need.

“It helps to work with the kids and get to know them better and helps them know right from wrong,” says Cooper. “I love them all.”

Mrs. Sehonberg said she enjoys being around the children. “It helps me as much as it helps the kids to participate.”

“It makes me feel good to help them, I love to talk to them,” said Banks. “I tell them all to call me granny.”

“I like to be with all the kids and let them know they can do anything,” said Knockum.

Foster Grandparents have been around in the schools for 45 years, but in Ascension Parish these four women have served 34 years and will continue to serve in the school system. They would like to thank all who have made this program possible.