Donaldsonville re-rings freedom bells

Allison B. Hudson

On Saturday, Jan. 15 was a day of celebration on Lessard St. in Donaldsonville. Residents, guests, and students gathered to pay tribute to a legend, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many members of the community spoke, including city officials.

Students that are enrolled in the African American History Class at Donaldsonville High School participated in making this event a time to remember.

“This is a time to re-ring freedom bells and allow those to remember the struggle,” said a community activist. “The conquer was made to serve the conqueror.”

 Students recited poems, speeches, and even a freestyle rap about the great works of Dr. King.

The Freedom School participants performed “Harambee” which is an inspirational song and dance that was performed daily during the school’s participation in the summer.

Residents were also taken on a tour of the Rosenwald school project to see its progression. Kathe’ Hambrick-Jackson of the River Road African American Museum showed residents the story behind the story of the school, and even sharing brief history behind certain things.

Donaldsonville salutes a great man and his continuing legacy.