Allison B. Hudson


Councilman Lauthaught Delaney held a town hall meeting for residents of District One on last Thursday evening at City Hall. The purpose was to discuss ideas and issues in the district and to receive feedback from residents on how to move forward with the best interest of the city.


  • Councilman Delaney stated that his topics of importance were to bring the area of Port Barrow back with pride. The area of Port Barrow has several abandoned areas, trash problems, and just lack of pride for residents in that area. Delaney, along with residents, will work to restore the area.
  • Code Enforcement issues that need addressing are grass cutting issues, blighted property, and abandoned cars. Delaney said he is working with the Mayor and city workers to turn the eyesores into a prideful community.
  • Delaney wants to keep the community clean so that it can become a sight for new businesses to develop in the area. “It starts with trash pickup and keeping sidewalks clean,” said Delaney.
  • Councilman Delaney plans to hold a Health Fair for residents in the near future, being that most of his residents are older in age to keep them healthy and aware of health risks.
  • Recycling Road Show efforts. Delaney wants to do this on a quarterly basis along with a trash bash for the community where residents can dump items into a dumpster provided by SweeDee Trash services.
  • Delaney said he is working hard with business investors to develop the old Lowery School into a senior citizen complex.
  • Delaney wants to set up community watch captains in various areas to help out in the community. “It takes a community to raise itself,” he said.


City hall was filled with residents, and Delaney said he was pleased with the turnout and encourages more to show for the next meeting. Residents said they were thankful for Delaney and Mayor Leroy Sullivan for being accessible when they are called on. Some residents said they have even seen improvements in the short time Delaney have held office.

Councilman Emile Spano added that residents could call when they see a problem and remain anonymous. He also said that it takes involvement, we cannot just keep talking to each other and think things will get done. The problem has to be stated to the correct person and that is your councilman.

Councilman Delaney can be reached at 225-717-0695 anytime.