Prevost Hospital’s X-ray Department Upgrades to Digital

Allison B. Hudson
DCF 1.0

In November 2010, the Prevost Memorial Hospital radiology department upgraded to digital imaging.  This upgrade utilizes Fuji Computed Radiography (CR) processing.  X-ray film and chemical processing is no longer utilized.  CR cassettes are used to take the x-ray image and the CR reader reads the image from the CR cassette.  The digital image can be viewed on a computer monitor.  This image can be sent to an in-house physician or to an authorized physician at an off-site location for interpretation.  The image can also be sent to a special printer for a hard copy print out. 

CR Technology is superior to conventional film-screen radiography.  CR Technology makes the image available faster and reduces image retake duplication costs.  Workflow and productivity improves with this technology. However, the most important reason for going “digital” is the superior image quality for all x-ray procedures especially mammography.

Prevost Memorial Hospital is proud to announce this upgrade to its radiology department.  Our patients deserve the very best technology available.