First in Print 2011: Rebirth of KKAY 1590 a.m

Allison B. Hudson

KKAY 1590 has been around for years, and has always been a prominent factor in the Donaldsonville community, as well as surrounding areas.

With a new operations manager, and the same team, KKAY is experiencing a new beginning.

“We want to reach the world, and our community is a very important factor in doing so,” said Rev. Freddie Allen Sr., the new Operations Manager.

Allen said it is important for residents of Donaldsonville to understand that this is there radio station.

“Our purpose is to regenerate our listening audience,” he added.

KKAY offers a wide variety of segments including: sports by Troy LeBoeuf, swamp pop by Mike LeBlanc, Angel of Faith broadcast by Wanda August, the Big “O” Show by Issac O’Bear, Pastor Bobbie Williams, along with Evangelist Lois Burdiss, and Rev. Allen with Liberty in Christ Jesus Ministries.

In the next few months, the team at KKAY will be going out in the community and letting its residents know that they are still here and willing to help out in the community anyway possible.

There are plans for live broadcasts for games, support group meetings, church events, and other community events. Also, the team of KKAY will be going into the nursing homes and sharing their joy with residents there.

“I love what I do, have to if I have been doing this 27 years, without the people I would not have a show,” said O’Bear.

“There have been some wonderful times here at KKAY, and some great people have visited the radio station,” said August.

In the future look for KKAY to be not only in the studio but out in the community serving, supporting, and spreading the love of KKAY.