Under billed customers expect to be charged

Allison B. Hudson

The Donaldsonville City Council informed in their meeting last Tuesday that municipal sewer customers who were under billed in 2006 and 2007 because of a software error will have to begin paying back what they owe that began in January.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan said over 1,500 customers were affected and should receive notification by mail that over the next 15 months a one-fifteenth adjustment will be added to their bill.

Financial Director Sandra Williams told the City Council on Tuesday, “We put the letter in there so they wouldn’t see that amount and wonder what it was about.”

Approximately seventy-three percent of city customers during that time were under billed for a total of more than $384,000 according to officials.

The city sued Interactive Designs Inc., out of Lubbock, Texas back in March 2010 because of the software error.