The Perfect Season: DHS 7th and 8th grade team wins big

Allison B. Hudson

Under the direction of Barry Whittington Jr. the Donaldsonville 7th and 8th grade boys’ basketball team went 14-0 this season. Their season came to an end last Thursday night when the Tigers took on the Gonzales Bulldogs. The Tigers defeated the Bulldogs 43-19.

“These boys worked extremely hard and finished their season as the champions they are,” said Whittington. “They played hard but more importantly, they always showed great sportsmanship and were always respectful of each other and the players on the other teams.”

As it was the last game of the season, Gonzales Middle School was packed with parents and students from both Gonzales and Donaldsonville High on last Thursday night, with each fan base letting each other loudly know where their allegiances lied.

The boys tipped off after a hard worked season of the girls’ team, which Donaldsonville girls fell to Gonzales Middle. Each game turned out to be a highly contested battle from start to finish.

“We excelled at attacking the basket today,” said Whittington. “We drove hard and attacked.”

With this win, and 13 others, the Tigers proved their immaculate season belonged to them. Last year, the Tigers finished 13-1, falling to Gonzales.