Louisiana Industry for Film and Entertainment (LIFE) formed to promote film and entertainment industry in Louisiana.

Allison B. Hudson

The Louisiana Industry for Film and Entertainment (LIFE) is a newly formed organization created to further promote the film and entertainment industry in the State of Louisiana. Many of Louisiana’s top industry leaders from around the state are involved in the formation of this professional and trade association.

Currently, Louisiana ranks third in film and television production nationwide behind only

California and New York. According to the Office of Entertainment Industry Development, in 2010 alone, more than 100 productions in the state wrapped with more than 50 percent of all productions were made by companies based in Louisiana. Based on applications filed with the State, the combined total budgets of all the Louisiana projects exceeded $1.4 billion.

“The entertainment industry has become an important part of Louisiana’s economy. It is

important that we have an organization that represents the thousands of men, women, and

businesses that depend on the industry’s continued success and growth,” said LIFE President Patrick Mulhearn.

The Association will be a focal point of industry activity in the State of Louisiana. LIFE will help bring together all aspects of the film and entertainment industry. The association provides a wide variety of services to its members including industry updates, legislative and regulatory monitoring and reporting, and a variety of networking and communication services. The organization offers a range of membership levels to accommodate all businesses and individuals involved or in support of the entertainment industry.

LIFE has retained David Tatman as their Executive Director. Board members from Baton

Rouge, Lafayette, Shreveport, and New Orleans include Active Entertainment, Cast & Crew ON SET, Celtic Media Centre, Cineworks, LA, Digital F/X, Film Production Capital, Hollywood Trucks, Horizon Entertainment, Louisiana Production Consultants, Millennium Studios, Moonbot Studios, Second Line Stages, Stageworks, and Swelltone Labs. For more information about LIFE and membership, visit