5 things you should know about: Donaldsonville establishing a cultural district

Staff reports

A cultural district is designated by a local governing authority to revitalize a community by creating cultural activity that offers community opportunities to create or rebuild cultural designations.

In order for Donaldsonville to participate they must participate in the local sales tax exemption to be awarded title and gather tax incentives from the state.

Action plans and benefits for the city of Donaldsonville:

  1. Main Street Donaldsonville will seek out new artists, craftsmen, musicians, writers, photographers, actors, and cultural supporters.  The goals also include plans to create educational programs in one of the most successful Parish School Districts, but also to include, a pointed reach to adults to return to their passions for food, music, acting and art.
  2. Marketing materials at each of the merchant locations will share information about Donaldsonville opportunities, locations, include artist and volunteer plea. The main focus of this piece will focus on recruiting new business owners and residents with details on various tax incentives, façade grants, various properties on the market and new cultural district perks.
  3. Approval of the Cultural District will benefit individuals, businesses, travelers, and cultural organizations. Marketing affordable and creative living spaces will appeal to many artists of all media. With our location between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, it is a natural location for a vibrant artist community. Donaldsonville will work John Folse and vendors to sponsor culinary programs for residents and tourists. Photographers and artists alike could learn more about Louisiana Primitive Paintings from Alvin Batiste. Local tourism bus routes and river road visitors will have a full day of shopping, artist viewings, eating and other activities.
  4. The film industry has long enjoyed Donaldsonville and would be a natural partner for employee training and budding filmmakers living in our new Cultural District. Original art brought in from these creative employees will certainly assist in continued partnerships with Celtic Media and film partners.
  5. Local real estate agents would have the opportunity to remarket their local properties for sale or rent with a new angle and interested parties.

For additional information contact Missy Jandura, Executive Director of the Donaldsonville Downtown Development District at 225-323-2555 or by email at directorddd@gmail.com.