FIRST IN PRINT: Vocals allow man to live his dreams

Staff reports

With his youth behind him, and advancing in life to adulthood, Jordan Dorsey, 21, has always had a passion for singing.

At the young age of five, Dorsey began playing the organ and singing tunes. This talent stunned his family because singing lessons or piano lessons were something Dorsey had never experienced.

As time became his friend, Dorsey felt in his soul he would soon have his chance at stardom. Now, he is living his dream, as he is a contestant on the popular “American Idol” television show. Dorsey has made it to the Top 24 of American Idol, season ten.

Dorsey, a resident of Laplace, attended East St. John High School, but his roots still lie in Donaldsonville with his grandmother being a resident.

“Jordan was always interested in music,” said his mom. “Music is his life.”

In Laplace, Dorsey is known as the “music teacher” and plays at several local churches. He also offers vocal and piano lessons to anyone who wants them.

Dorsey, who was raised in a single-parent home, has risen above the stereotypical negative image of black men and turned his dreams into reality.

“My sound cannot be compared to anyone else,” said Dorsey. Being confident, rather than cocky is what Dorsey focuses on in his life. “I have something different to offer, and I plan on showing the world,” he said.

Among Jordan’s inspirations is the Christian, Soul singer Kim Burrell as well as his grandmother. Jordan speaks of his grandmother as his strength and foundation; he said that her advice keeps him strong and always pressing forward.

Jordan hopes to look Hollywood in the face as American Idol continues to the Top Ten and so forth.

His family would like to congratulate Jordan on his many talents and wishes him the best of luck.