Ascension Parish Planning and Zoning Commission

Staff reports

Beginning on March 21st,  the Planning and Zoning Commission’s Master Plan Sub-Committee will restart the review and revision of the current Ascension Parish Master Plan. This meeting will be at 6pm at the Gonzales Courthouse Annex. All stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

On March 23, 2011, there will be 3 meetings held at the Gonzales Courthouse Annex. The purpose of these meetings will be to select the representatives to work with the Master Plan Sub Committee. The 1st meeting will be at 10am for the government sector, the 2nd at 2pm for the private/business sector, and the 3rd at 6pm for the public sector.   

Once selected, these 15 representatives will work with the sub-committee to review and revise our current Master Plan. At this time, those meeting dates,  times, and locations have not been set. When dates, times, and locations have been set it will be important for everyone to provide as much structured comment as possible.

During the review and revision process, all suggestions received by representatives or staff will be provided to the Master Plan Sub Committee. If not selected as a representative, you do not have to attend these meetings to have your suggestions forwarded to the Master Plan Sub-Committee. At any time, anyone may begin compiling his or her thoughts (preferably in writing) and provide those comments to the Master Plan Sub Committee, representatives, or Staff.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Ascension Parish.

Please remember to keep up with the Master Plan!