ACHS to Perform Willy Wonka

Staff reports

The ACHS Drama Club is proud to announce its 23rd annual musical, Willy Wonka, which will

be performed for the public on April 15 – 17, 2011 in the ACHS Gym at 311 St. Vincent St. The

Friday and Saturday night performances are at 7:00 PM and the Sunday matinee is at 2:00 PM.

Tickets will be available at the door.

Roald Dahl’s timeless story of the world-famous candy man and his quest to find an heir comes

to life in this stage adaptation of “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,” which features the songs

from the classic family film “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory” and more. Willy is in

search of a person of integrity for whom he searches diligently throughout the story. He finds

that all but one of his candidates fall terribly short in the character department; much of it due to

their doting parents.

Bryan Songy, the Director is a great addition to the ACHS Drama Club. The Musical Director is

Sandra Mistretta; the Set Designer, Mary Beth Garic; the Business Manager, Donna Barbier; the

Student Moderator, Alicia Sternfels; the Stage Manager, Sidney Vega.

The Cast of 64 is as follows: Willy Wonka, Caroline Schaff; Charlie, Spencer Sternfels; Grandpa

Joe, Sam Mattingly; Mrs. Bucket, Rikki Bergeron; Phineous Trout, Luke Albarado; Augustus

Gloop, Chelsea Hager; Mrs. Gloop, Tameko Stroud; Mike Teavee, Mark Poirrier; Ms. Teavee,

Simone Giroir; Violet Beauregard, Ashley Barbier; Veruca Salt, Robyn Brunner; Grandma

Josephina, Kayla Tripode; Grandma Georgina, Heather Poirrier; Grandpa George, Guy Garic;

James, Beau Delatte; Mathilda, Haley Bouchereau; Alphie, Lesli Ewen; Mrs. Beauregard,

Lauren Landry; Mr. Salt, David LeBlanc. The Wonka Kids: Lauren Regira, Anna LeBlanc,

Camille Lemann, Jenna Comeaux, Brooke Gautreau, Rodnekia Mitchell, Ashlyn Montero, Sofie

Sternfels, Angelle Theriot. Lead Oompa Loompas: Kayla Tripode, Heather Tripode, Haley

Bouchereau, Guy Garic. Chorus Oompa Loompas: Haley Sullivan, Christi LeBlanc, Ali Burt,

Jennifer Cagnolatti, Lanie Comeaux, Ella Lemann, Ariane Linton, Kadie Schexnayder, Madison

Schexnayder, Madison Capello Jayden Granier, Marie Landry, Emily Piley, Kai Mouton, Payton

Hatcher, Bella Hymel, Kaylee Wiggins, Courtney Fernandez, Lauren Julien Emma Palermo,

Madeline Simoneaux, Precious Lucas, Alex Mitchell, Kenshell Davis, Jessica Barras,

Alexandriea Jarvis, Sophie Smith, Mallory Madere, Alyssa LeBlanc, Brant Theriot. Squirrels:

Ian Ewen, Peter Cantin, Devin Pedescleaux.

Lyrics and Music are by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley. The story was adapted for the

Stage by Timothy A. McDonald and Leslie Bricusse. The play is based on the Book Charlie and

The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.