Newsmaker Q&A

Staff reports

Name: Joyce J. Madison

Age: 52

Position: Mayor’s Secretary

Hometown: Donaldsonville (Lemanville native)

Education and Experience: I am a Graduate of Donaldsonville High School and graduate of Southern University, Baton Rouge, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. I have been employed by the City of Donaldsonville for 15 years. My employment with the City began as the Secretary to the City Coordinator. When the position of City Coordinator was eliminated, I became the Secretary for the Mayor and the City Council. My responsibilities and experiences throughout the years have varied under the administrations of the four mayors by which I have been employed.

Family: I am married to Rev. Raynell Madison. I have two sons, Raynell, Jr. and Darius and one grandson, Zayden.

In several sentences explain why you decided to choose this profession?

I developed an interest in business during my senior year at DHS, through the C.O.E.

(Cooperative Office Education) Program. I had the desire to be in an administrative environment with the goal of getting things done through people.

Who inspired you and how?

Throughout my childhood, my parents inspired me. They taught me moral and Christian values, the importance of education, gaining meaningful employment to accomplish goals in life, and respecting others. My husband has inspired me to be strong and to meet challenges in life. My greatest inspiration comes from God, because I trust Him to lead and guide me in all aspects of my life.

What are the greatest challenges in your field?

The greatest challenge in my field is not being able to provide assistance to the constituent who may come to City Hall with housing needs, unemployment or seeking programs for financial needs.

What are your daily duties in your position?

In my position as the Mayor’s Secretary, my primary duty is to assist the Mayor as necessary. I am faced with different responsibilities each day. While there are daily routine duties of regular office procedures, such as answering the phones, drafting of correspondence and reports for the mayor, planning and scheduling of meetings and appointments, receiving constituents as they come to see the mayor; with or without an appointment; each day is a new experience. One phone call or visit can entail an unexpected problem, or concern that needs to be resolved. In resolving these matters, sometimes it means contacting another person or organization. I am here to help that constituent.

What’s something about your line of work that most people don’t know?

In my line of work, patience is a virtue. I encounter people of with different attitudes, personalities and circumstances daily. Although, their behavior may sometimes be unmerited, my position as the Mayor’s Secretary warrants a listening ear, empathy, a willingness to help and most of all patience. I enjoy working with people and through people to reach common goals. Some people may not realize that some as a reservoir for all problems sees the Mayor’s office, including the ones that we have no control over, such as legal problems, marital issues, and public service issues of other entities. But we still have to listen to each individual and assist him or her in whatever possible manner and then direct him or her to the proper person or agency.

What is a memorable moment in your career and why?

A memorable moment in my career with the City is when a constituent told me she really appreciated the assistance that I provided to her and that I reminded her of another business lady (whom I have high regards for) within the community who is always willing to provide help to others. This comment meant a lot because it is my desire to be of service and provide the best possible assistance to the citizens of Donaldsonville