Cadet of the Month Questionnaire: Charielle Spurlock

Staff reports

Favorite subject and hobbies: My favorite subject is Math and my hobbies are being on the computer, texting and being out doors.

Future Plans: Graduating high school and attend college to become a nurse.

Why JROTC? I wanted to experience something new and be more active with others.

What do you like about the program? What I like about the program is that they teach me more on responsibility. The program keeps me working hard and staying involved with

my community. Also, the added bonus is that I get to go on many trips and see what the

world has to offer.

What are your goals in the program? My goals for this program is to be a four (4) year cadet, gain more ribbons, getting promoted and maybe becoming the Cadet of the Year in my freshman year.

If you can spread the word to others to join JROTC, what would you say? I would say that it’s a fun program. You venture out to different places learn new things everyday. It’s all hard work but once it’s done that’s when you could play and have fun.

Anything else he would like to add and you as well...

I want to add that I’m glad I choose to be a part of AFJROTC because it may help me with my future. I would like to say thanks to Major Bailey and TSgt Jones for being there.

Technical Sergeant Jones:

What makes her stand out amongst her peers as far a personality? The thing that makes her standout amongst her peers is her attitude and sense of humor. Charielle greets everyone with a smile, her bubbly personality just seems to lighten up the room.

How is she as a person? Charielle is always full of energy and ready to tackle the day’s events. She doesn’t complain when it is time to go that extra mile for the betterment of herself and the program. She greets the challenge with a smile that in turn encourages her classmates to do the same.

How does he measure against others in academics? Charielle is very competitive with the other cadets academically. In order to be a finalist for Cadet of the Month one most maintain at least 95% within the ROTC class. We review the cadets’ class absences, tardies, referrals, community services, activities, as well as dress and appearance. The classroom standard is not only for JROTC but for all classes. A cadet can be removed from the finalist list for misbehavior in any other class. We are preparing better citizens for our future.