City Hall Q&A with Tonja Thomas Aubert

Staff reports

Age: 47

Position: Gas Clerk

Education and Experience: I am a graduate of Donaldsonville High School and have been employed by the City of Donaldsonville for 12 years as a Gas Clerk.

Family: Married with two children

In several sentences explain why you decided to choose this profession?

I decided to choose this profession because I love meeting and helping others, and what better place than Donaldsonville to do such, where I was born and raised.

Who inspired you and how?

My inspiration comes from a lot of people, my family, church family, friends, and even some customers. Life is full of inspiring people. They inspire me because they are survivors in this hard world.

What are the greatest challenges in your field?

The greatest challenge in my field is staying within myself, trying not to allow anyone to take me out of my character. It sometimes takes extra effort to deal with so many different personalities. It is my desire to be a good and compassionate person, but how good and compassionate am I if I only do well to my friends? That’s extremely easy. The challenge is being good and compassionate to all. That is the greatest and true challenge, not just in my field of work but in life, it’s a life-long challenge.

What are your daily duties in your position?

My daily duties are to assist customers that come into City Hall as well as on the phone, balance cash drawer, bank deposit, and filing of reports.

What’s something about your line of work that most people don’t know?

It’s not a 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. job; I get phone calls at my home as well. I also run into customers wanting answers or telling me about things that need to be done around the city when I am out around town.

What is a memorable moment in your career and why?

A memorable moment in my career was when a customer came into City Hall and apologized for their behavior. She said I was of great help to her and she appreciated my attitude towards the matter and that she thought well of me.