First in Print: Stash the Trash a huge success

Allison B. Hudson

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This past Saturday, community leaders, resident volunteers, and business sponsors volunteered their morning to help clean up the city of Donaldsonville.

“We had over 200 volunteers, and this just warms my heart,” said Tammy Dale, who helped put this event on.

“I was inspired by Lester Lerch, who is a resident of Donaldsonville that goes around and picks up trash every morning,” she added.

The trash bash kicked off at 8 a.m. Saturday morning at Crescent Park, Donaldsonville High School JROTC Cadets, Brian Richardson’s African American History Class, JAG program, Student Government Association, Sheriff’s Office, the Fire Department, several churches and businesses were hitting the streets for clean-up, restoration, and planting flowers down various streets.

“The amount of effort that the citizens put in was amazing,” said Missy Jandura, Executive Director of the Downtown Development District.

The Downtown Development District plans to hold trash bashes on a quarterly basis or as much as needed.

At noon, volunteers gathered in Crescent Park while the Fire Department provided hamburgers, and Parish Councilman Oliver Joseph and Floyd Batiste of Bat’s Gym provided jambalaya. Cliff Ourso, Dr. Jay Perniciaro, Rotary Club of Donaldsonville, Marvin Gros, and other monetary donations supplied cold drinks and water. Sweedee provided three large dumpsters for dumping debris and garbage.

“I want to thank everyone who were supportive of this event,” said Dale. “We had so many donations of supplies and food that it shows that the community can come together for something positive and make a difference.”

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