FIRST IN PRINT: Prevost opens CT department

Allison B. Hudson

Prevost Memorial Hospital has opened its new CT department. Not only will they treat one like family, but also they will do so with the state of the art equipment. The department has a new Toshiba Aquillion 16 slice CT unit.

“We are now able to provide the community with the highest of quality and efficiency in CT scanning in a comfortable atmosphere,” says Hospital Administrator Vince Cataldo.

The CAT scan machine is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies.  The CT department consists of Denise Collins, CT Supervisor and Anne Patrick who serves as the CT Technologist.

This CT scanner is important to the community because the hospital has never had one. “We can now use them on emergency patients and they are able to get stabilized and then transfer if need be,” says Collins.

The machine is also able to provide teleradiography, which means they are able to transfer images over telephone or satellite.

“This equipment is top of the line, and most hospitals have eight slice machines, ours is a 16 slice machine,” said Patrick.

The department is receiving patients on a regular basis, so stop by and make your appointment today.