FIRST IN PRINT: Grateful heart/kidney recipient bikes for life, stops in Donaldsonville

Allison B. Hudson

Jack Tillery, of Moss Bluff, received a heart and kidney transplant 18 months ago and to express his gratefulness he is participating in a bike ride to raise awareness along his route. His destination is Oschner Medical Center in New Orleans where he will surprise his transplant team.

His ride began on Friday, April 22 and stopped in Eunice to raise awareness in the community and just to tell people his story and how thankful he is.

On Monday, April 25, residents, government officials, and family welcomed Tillery in Donaldsonville.

“I am just so thankful, I have to let people know that my heart belongs to Jesus Christ,” said Tillery.

Tillery explains that organ donation is often not thought about until something happens. “Everyone we have come in contact with to raise awareness about becoming an organ donor, listens, and some sign up immediately.”

Tillery expresses the purpose of his ride is “three fold – to glorify God through the gift of life, to honor my donor family for unselfishly saying yes to organ donation, which allowed me to receive a second chance at life, and to express appreciation to Oschner Medical Center and my transplant team.”

Tillery was welcomed to Donaldsonville with open arms and met with residents to share his story and photo opportunities.

For additonal information or to become an organ donor, please visit LOPA’s website at or call 1-800-521-GIVE.