Cadet of the Year Questionnaire

Allison B. Hudson

First and last name: Michael Weber

Favorite subject and hobbies: My favorite subject is Science. My hobbies are hanging out with my friends, playing sports and video games.

Future Plans: I plan on going to college to study Engineering and upon graduation entering into the Air Force as an Officer.

Why JROTC? It teaches me the discipline I will need to have for entering the service as well as for everyday life.

What do you like about the program? I love the team work and leadership of the program.

What are your goals in the program? I would like to be an officer in a staff position and to be a cadet of the year at least once.

If you can spread the word to others to join JROTC, what would you say? It is a program of high standards and awards. If you stick with the program it will be more valuable than anything else you do in high school.

Technical Sergeant Jones:

What makes him stand out amongst his peers as far a personality? Michael is a very quite person that always gives 100 percent.

How is he as a person? Michael is one that always leads a helping hand. He is a class leader amongst his peers.

How does he measure against others in academics? (Kind of what you said about him excelling

on your test is what I am looking for here.). Michael is always looking to go that extra mile to better himself; something others should try to imitate. In order to be a finalist for Cadet of the Year one must have been chosen as cadet of the month. We use the whole person concept (the same is done in the military). We review the cadets’ class absences, tardies, referrals, community services, activities, as well as dress and appearance and finally overall academic score in JROTC. The classroom standard is not only for JROTC but for all classes. A cadet can be removed from the finalist list for misbehavior in any other class. We are preparing better citizens for our future.