Cadet of the Month Questionnaire First and last name: Darranika Joseph

Allison B. Hudson

First and last name: Darranika Joseph

Favorite subject and hobbies: My favorite subject is math. My favorite hobbies are participating in community services and activities pertaining to J.R.O.T.C. and J.A.G.

Future Plans: After high school I plan to attend college at Albany State University in

Albany, Georgia majoring in Art, Technology and Communications. I would also like to have a career in the National Guard in the area of logistics support.

Why JROTC? I joined JROTC because there’s nothing fake about it; awards, community service, trips and activities are all real.

What do you like about the program? What I like about the program is doing community service, wearing my uniform and of course the people.

What are your goals in the program? My goals in the program are to obtain a cadet command staff position by my senior year and receive a full scholarship.

If you can spread the word to others to join JROTC, what would you say? If I can spread the word to others to join JROTC I would say if you to be a better leader and citizen for your community join JROTC.

I would like to thank god, my family, Major and Mrs. Barbara; also my teachers TSgt Jones and Mrs. Miles for believing in me.

Technical Sergeant Jones:

What makes her stand out amongst her peers as far a personality? Darranika is a very quiet and reserve young lady. She is one who never hesitates to ask you if you need any help. She is always eager to improve not only herself but her peers as well.

How is she as a person? Darranika doesn’t complain when it is time to go that extra mile

for the betterment of herself and the program. She has been arriving to school early and

staying late to practice drill and color guard procedures for upcoming events.

How does he measure against others in academics? In order to be a finalist for Cadet of the Month we use the whole person concept (the same is done in the military). We review the cadets’ class absences, tardies, referrals, community services, activities, as well as dress and appearance and finally overall academic score in JROTC. The classroom standard is not only for JROTC but for all classes. A cadet can be removed from the finalist list for misbehavior in any other class. We are preparing better citizens for our future.