What’s going on here? Wal-Mart rolls out new service

Allison B. Hudson

A new Walmart service has just rolled out at the Donaldsonville Walmart. “Pick Up Today” allows customers to browse the inventory of any Walmart store of their choice, purchase the items online and receive free, same-day pickup at that particular store’s location. It’s easy, fast, and is designed to help Walmart customers save time and money. Just imagine purchasing online what you need and just having to go into the store and pick it up. No more driving around town wondering if a particular item is in stock. No more hours spent shopping with kids in tow. In and out, that’s the idea.

The “Pick Up Today” program started its national rollout in late March, and the Donaldsonville store is now up-and-running with this shopping option. The program currently features items in electronics, video games and household appliances. However, by the holiday season, Walmart expects to expand the selection to nearly 40,000 items across several categories including baby, toys, home décor, hardware, outdoor living, and more. Walmart expects to have the “Pick Up Today” service in nearly 3,600 stores nationwide by June. 

According to a recent Walmart survey, nearly 85 percent of customers that have tried “Pick Up Today” are likely to use the service again; more than 80 percent would recommend it to a friend.

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