Rotary Club News

Allison B. Hudson

The Donaldsonville Rotary Club met in its regular scheduled meeting on last Thursday. Steve Westbrook, Assistant Superintendent of Ascension Parish Schools was the guest speaker. He briefed Rotarians on the “turnaround zone.” Ascension Parish Schools created a “turnaround zone” to give schools with a school performance score of 90 or below more support. There are seven schools Westbrook said that is there focus, they are: Donaldsonville High School, Lowery Middle (formerly Lowery Intermediate) School, Lowery Elementary School, Donaldsonville Primary School, Gonzales Middle School, Gonzales Primary School and Pecan Grove Primary School.

“Each Turnaround Zone School has one central office staff member, called an Internal Support Partner (ISP), as their primary point of contact,” said Westbrook.

There hope is that each school will have performance scores well over the current mark.

Pictured is Rotary President Dr. Jay Perniciaro, Rotarian and Superintendent Patrice Pujol, and Steve Westbrook, Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

Photo by Allison B. Hudson