What’s Going on Here?

Allison B. Hudson

What it is?  Joshua Delery, a Donaldsonville High School Agriculture student and FFA member recently attended Louisiana’s 82nd Annual FFA Convention in Alexandria.  He was awarded first place for a project he conducted involving his grass-cutting business.

Joshua received a banner, plaque, certificate, and a $100 check from Turf Grass Farms, the Louisiana sponsor, and also received a $250 check from John Deere, the National sponsor.

Agriscience students conduct what is known as an SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) project.  Its purpose is to provide hands-on experience and/or additional expertise in a subject-related area.  Students with outstanding SAE projects may then apply for what is known as a Proficiency Award offered through the National FFA Organization.  There are currently 47 categories in which members may apply.  Joshua’s award category is titled Turf Grass Management.

Joshua has been involved with his grass-cutting business since the age of 13.  He will be a senior at DHS during the upcoming school session where he plans to take an active leadership role in the FFA.  His plan after high school is to become certified as a heavy equipment operator.  Joshua is the son of Chuck and Regina Delery.