First in Print: Prevost holds 29th annual Health Fair

Allison B. Hudson
DCF 1.0

Prevost Hospital hosted its annual health fair last Saturday. Over 500 people were in attendance.

“These numbers were higher this year compared to 2010,” said Hospital Administrator Vince Cataldo.

Blood tests are offered over a three-day period due to high volumes of residents. Other services offered were: hearing tests, sleep apnea tests, Carotid Ultrasound tests, and over 20 others.

"People travel from out of state because it’s such a good fair and it saves on costs for patients," added Cataldo.

Hospital employees work the fair on a volunteer basis, but Cataldo said," Without the Ladies Auxillary, none of this would be possible."

The Ladies Auxillary collects the money for the fair every year, along with assisting registration process, and ensuring traffic flows smoothly throughout the hospital.