What’s Going on Here?

Allison B. Hudson

WHAT IT IS: Through the award of a School Improvement Grant, Lowery Elementary School will be able to implement two programs this school year that will assist in our mission of educating students to their maximum potential.  Our goal is to provide our students with as many opportunities to learn as possible.  In addition to the normal school year, through the SIG grant, our students will also have opportunities to learn and grow through the Jumpstart Program and receive additional interventions through the Saturday School Program.

Jumpstart     School will officially begin for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students on August 1st. 

8am - 12 noon

Breakfast and Lunch provided

Transportation provided

Uniforms required  (please contact the school office if you are in need of uniforms)

Students will be taught Reading and Math Strategies that will help prepare them for a successful school year

Saturday School:  Offered to students who require additional support in Reading and Math.  Student's report card grades, iLeap and Leap Scores, and weekly test grades are used to determine eligibility to this program.

8am - 12noon

Breakfast and Lunch provided

Transportation provided

Uniforms are NOT required

FOCUS: Math and Reading Interventions, Reteaching of the GLE’s, iLeap / Leap preparation

Two Saturdays each month

 Please note August Calendar below:

August 1st - 5th -- Jumpstart

August 8th - 9th  -- Preplanning for teachers  (Students DO NOT attend)

August 10th -- Students report for their first official FULL day of school.

CARE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS INITIATIVE? Contact Lowery Elementary Principal LaKesa Dixon at 225-473-2530.