What’s Going on Here?

Allison B. Hudson

What is it?River Parish Community College signed a purchase agreement to acquire land for a new campus. The agreement was signed to purchase 43 acres located at the Gonzales/Burnside exit of Interstate 10.

In detail:The site of RPCC’s new campus will be located five miles away from RPCC’s current main and Technical Education Center (TEC) campuses in Sorrento and will eventually house both the technical and general education programs.  Following the first phase of construction the new campus will house all of RPCC’s general education classes, as well as some of the technical classes.

RPCC Chancellor Dr. Joe Ben Welch stated that the purchase agreement and new campus are visible signs of RPCC’s growth and long term commitment to the region.  “Our enrollment has been growing by double digit percentages, and with the addition of the technical campus last year, so have our programs,” said Dr. Welch.  “The new campus is another signal to the community that we are growing with it.”

The cost of the project:The final purchase is contingent on Edenborne Development Company’s installation of the necessary infrastructure.  Once the infrastructure is in place, RPCC expects to have its new $19 million campus ready by April 2014.

Funding for the new property and campus comes from three sources: a two million dollar Board of Regents grant, a $19 million state bond sale that covers the construction costs of the initial buildings, and an RPCC capital fund campaign that will finance any future improvements to RPCC’s campus and facilities.

RPCC’s technical campus on Airline Highway in Sorrento will remain open until funding and construction on all buildings for the technical programs is completed.

To learn more about this project please visit or call 225-675-8270 for additional information.