Q&A with Road and Culture Supervisor

Allison B. Hudson

Percy L. Cargo Sr.

Hometown: Donaldsonville

Education: Donaldsonville High, Ascension Votect

Experience: Local Road and Agriculture, Louisiana Rural Water Association, Louisiana Gas Operator training, Heavy Equipment operator, cement finishing and pipefitting.

In several sentences explain why you decided to get involved in your field.

Working with the City gives me time to experience other parts of life. For example, being involved with different youth programs for over twenty years.

What are the greatest challenges in your field?

The job was assisting the sewer department on repairing a sand hole on West 6th Street and Orange Street. The hole was 40 feet long and ten feet deep.

What advice can you offer for someone who wants to go into your field?

Anyone looking to join the department needs to have some experience in difficult kinds of construction.

What’s something about your line of work that most people don’t know?

Everyone helps each other from time to time. When you are hired, that means 24/7 as a group.

What is a memorable moment in your career and why?

The memorable moment is when I was given the opportunity to be Supervisor for the city of Donaldsonville.