While Temperatures Rise, Entergy’s Level Billing Program Helps Keep Power Bills Consistent, Predictable and Manageable

Staff reports

As a massive heat wave extends across the nation and threatens to continue to push heat index values into the 100s in much of the South, keeping cool becomes a priority. And with air conditioners working harder and electricity use increasing, customers could be faced with higher-than-normal utility bills.

Now more than ever the Entergy’s Level Billing program, along with energy-efficiency tools and bill management options offered as part of Entergy’s You’ve Got the Power initiative, can be customers’ best solution to staying calm, cool, collected and in control of their electricity costs.

“Making the right energy-efficiency choices is your best bet for controlling summertime energy costs,” said David Herring, Customer Services Manager. “But during months of extreme heat, bills can still fluctuate – and escalate – quite a bit with electricity usage. That’s when Entergy’s Level Billing program can be one of your most powerful account management tools, helping to take the surprise out of monthly electricity costs and putting you in better control of how and when you pay your bill.”

Customers using level billing pay about the same amount for electricity every month, summer or winter. Bills are averaged over a 12-month period based on usage. Winter bills may become a little higher, but the typical high bills of summer are cut to more manageable amounts during peak energy-use months – as much as 40 percent for some customers.

“Enrolling in level billing is almost like getting interest-free financing for your electricity costs,” said Herring. “You’re still paying for the power you use, but you’re able to do so in regular, manageable amounts spread out over the year – and with no added interest charges. You’ll have the comfort of knowing your bill won’t fluctuate wildly month-to-month or season-to-season, so you’ll be able to better plan and manage your budget year-round.”

For more information on level billing – including how  much their monthly level billing amount would be – or other account-management programs, customers may call Entergy at 1-800-ENTERGY (368-3749) or visit or, log in/register for My Account Online and click on Billing Options. 

“We’re doing everything we can to keep customers’ electricity bills as low as possible, and we encourage customers to take advantage of the information, tools and options available – like level billing – that give them the power to reduce their energy use, better manage their energy costs and control their bill payments,” Herring said.

A click on the “Save Money on Your Bill” icon on the and home pages takes customers to ENsight, Entergy’s website to help customers save money on their bills featuring money-saving efficiency tips, tools and solutions at one powerful online resource.

Entergy’s Louisiana utility companies serve more than one million customers through the operating companies Entergy Louisiana, LLC and Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, L.L.C. With operations in southern, central and northeastern Louisiana, the companies are part of Entergy Corporation’s electric system serving 2.7 million customers in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas.