Meet your Teach For America teacher

Allison B. Hudson

Bianca Renae Lee

Position, subject you teach: SPED 6th Math

School: Lowery Elementary

Previous Work or Leadership Experience: Taught at a school in Bolgatanga, Ghana and Facilitated a group of undergraduates in the US Virgin Islands

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Education: University of Michigan

Family: 2 sisters and 3 nieces

Interests and hobbies: Dancing, Logic puzzles, attending events for the performing arts

 In several sentences explain how and why you decided to choose education.

I chose education because of the limited access and privilege to a GOOD education. I want ALL kids to have the opportunity of a GREAT education. Growing up I was blessed to attend GOOD schools that pushed me on the track towards college and a prosperous future. I want to be a blessing to those who are pulled from that track or do not know the track exists.

Who is a teacher or professor who inspired you and how?

Ms. Jeana Harper and Mr. Cedric Small of Renaissance High School inspired me. They showed how to be successful in the real world AND in academics. They sponsored teams and formed long-lasting relationships with students. 

What do you feel are the greatest challenges in education today?

Creating a welcoming and loving atmosphere for learning are the greatest challenges in education today. There is not enough focus on the learning environment and incorporating each child's specific culture into the curriculum.

What are your goals for your first year of teaching?

 My goals are for each student to be motivated to learn and reach Mastery on their iLeap exam. Their track to a prosperous future begins now.