Allison B. Hudson


First and last name: Yakira Spurlock

Age: 16

Grade: 10th

Favorite subject and hobbies: My favorite subject is English. My hobbies are playing video games and extra all extracurricular activities.

Future Plans: My future plans involve going to college, getting a degree in nursing and entering the Air Force as a nurse.

Why JROTC?  JROTC is a program that teaches and provides an opportunity to learn and display leadership. DHS AFJROTC helps you better yourself as a student and allows you to mentor peers and focuses on your success in school and the community.

What do you like about the program? I like that it teaches you how to be successful and take pride in everything you do.

What are your goals in the program? My goal is to excel and aim high. By being selected as cadet of the month, I have already accomplished one of my goals. I am currently Logistics NCO and my goal is to be selected as one of the primary cadet staff members.

If you can spread the word to others to join JROTC, what would you say?  I would say - Don't let others talk you out of belonging to something that you are interested in and that can help shape you into a better person.  Don't follow but instead be a leader and being in JROTC is about learning to become a leader.

Major Bailey

What makes Yakira stand out amongst her peers as far as personality? Yakira is the one cadet I can always count on to be in a good mood and give a warm smile. She has a quiet and pleasant personality that promotes harmony among her peers. Everyone seems to enjoy being around Yakira.

How is she as a person? Very dependable and dedicated to whatever she says she's going to do. You can always depend on Yakira when you need a little extra help or when you're looking for a volunteer to step up to the plate. She has a bright future in DHS AFJROTC and in life after school.

How does she measure against others academically?  Yakira excels in both academics and leadership. It's one of the reasons we selected her as the logistics NCO. She assisted with outfitting almost ever female cadet in the program and did it as a volunteer. She is a mentor in her 3rd block class which consists primarily of freshmen cadets. These young cadets look to her for advice and leadership.