Lowery Elementary student encourages her peers

Staff reports

Dajhe' D. Sullivan, a 5th grade student at Lowery Elementary School spoke to the student body of about 420 3rd - 5th grade students and encouraged them to make better choices in school and at home.

Sullivan spoke to students because of an increase of student behaviors such as teasing / bullying, disrespect, and fighting.  Students were called together as administrators and counselors spoke to students on a 'zero tolerance' policy now.  Administrators included:  Principal, LaKesa Dixon, Assistant Principal, Cindy Richard and Counselor, Carla Hernandez.

 Dajhe' spoke from the perspective a student at Lowery Elementary.  She informed the students that teasing hurts people feelings and that students should make better choices, because bad choices will hurt them in the long run with finding a good job.