First in Print: Council makes decision on liquor license approval

Allison B. Hudson

Cypress Café and Café Deville were the topic at Tuesday night's city council

meeting. According to city records, both businesses, were operating without

proper liquor licenses for approximately ten months.

A letter was sent to the owner from the Mayor's office and in the letter,

the owner was asked to bring licenses current within 15 days, if failed to

do so, the Sheriff's office, along with Alcohol and Tobacco Control

Commission would shut the businesses down until compliance was reached.

Early last week, measures were taken and both businesses were indeed shut


"This is a topic we go back and forth with and we need to make sure that all

licenses are meeting the necessary requirements," said Councilman Rev.

Charles Brown.

City Attorney Chuck Long advised the council to mandate a list from city's

administration showing liquor licenses and their statuses.

According to the city's ordinance, all liquor licenses have to be filed and

expire on December 31, and a new license should be in place on January 1.

In this case, both businesses have been operating and selling liquor

illegally until tonight when the council, all in agreement, except

Councilman Rev. Brown who voted no, agreed to grant both businesses liquor

licenses because everything was now in proper order.

"We have to put a plan together and crack down on issues like this,"said

Councilman Lauthaught Delaney.

The council all agreed that someone has to be held accountable and beginning

Jan. 1, a plan will be in place and the council will stand firm in there

decisions regarding liquor licenses.