FIRST IN PRINT: Reality show filmed in Donaldsonville

Staff reports

Last week, TV crews set up in Donaldsonville to film a new reality show and TruTV show.

Shanna Forrestall, who was the driving force of getting the crew here said, “Donaldsonville is so supportive, and I knew the crew would fall in love with the area.”

The original set would take place in New Orleans, but after a light bulb went off in Forrestall’s head, she knew Donaldsonville was a better setting.

“Charles Thibaut, Becky Kattz, Richard Zeringue, to name a few were so supportive and helpful, and none of this would have been possible without their help,” said Forrestall.

Not only were crews in town to film, they spent some hefty dollars around town.

Over the course of two days, crews had to shell out money to private residents for the use of land, local restaurants for meals, hotels, gas stations, Wal-Mart, the Jewish Cemetery, and the Chamber of Commerce office for use. Donations were made to those who helped out.

“Charlie Landry was a big help with the float rental, Don Ward allowed crews to use his car,  the Walk Ons Family for use of float, and the crew at RSC rentals for help with all equipment,” she added.