Parish Government TV Show “Inside Ascension” Now Airing

Staff reports

Ascension Parish President Tommy Martinez announced today the debut of a new television program, “Inside Ascension,” that is airing on Ascension 21, the parish governmental channel. 

“The objective of ‘Inside Ascension’ is to inform the viewer about governmental programs and services, raise community awareness and encourage involvement in parish activities, while recognizing citizens whose actions enhance the quality of life in Ascension Parish,” President Martinez said.

“Inside Ascension”was developed by the parish’s Video Programming Department. The 30-minute showis co-hosted by John Connelly and Clint Falcon, both veterans of television production and news coverage with a combined 40 years of journalism experience in Ascension Parish and South Louisiana. Connelly is the video programming manager for Ascension 21, while Falcon is Ch. 21’s video production specialist. They both shoot, write, and produce the show and the segments it contains.

“Inside Ascension” airs on Mondays at 5 p.m., with replays on Wednesdays at noon and 10:30 p.m., Fridays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 7 a.m.  In addition, people may go online to the parish website, video archives, and view the shows anytime, Connelly said.

“In our first episode are two stories which should be very important to the people of Ascension Parish,” Connelly said. “Those stories are about drainage and domestic violence.” 

Connelly said “Inside Ascension” is designed to engage the viewers and will contain several different segments each episode.

“Each show will include a news block and a couple of segments on current issues,” Connelly said. “Other segments will vary from episode to episode. In those, viewers may see a piece focusing on a certain historical nugget of Ascension Parish or on an individual or group that makes Ascension special.”

“The show is branded with its own unique open, graphics package, and music,” Falcon said. “We want it to be recognized as a place our neighbors can go for insight and information about their local government. This is a program you’ll only see on Ascension 21, with high production value that is visually engaging and unique to our area” he added.

Connelly said part of Ch. 21’s commitment to the viewer is the creation of a special email address allowing viewers to show their input.  The address is

“We want to hear the viewers’ voices and get their feedback too,” Connelly said. “They can comment, ask questions to department heads and even suggest story ideas. We want the viewers to claim ownership and help drive the show and its content. We invite everyone to watch “Inside Ascension”and to keep watching Ascension 21.”