DHS October Cadet of the Month

Staff reports

Kevonne Landry


Grade: 9th

Favorite subject and hobbies: My favorite subject is Algebra. I also love to sing, dance and act in my spare time.

Future Plans:My plans are to graduate high school at the top of my class. After high school, I plan to attend a 4 year university and later to a school for the performing arts.

Why JROTC?  I chose to be involved in JROTC because it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get involved with my community. Also, it provides an opportunity for new experiences.

What do you like about the program?I like that there are things I thought I wouldn’t be able to do for a while but I’ve been able to move quickly and experience many new aspects of the program.

What are your goals in the program?   My goals in the program are to reach for the highest honors and become part of the cadet staff.

If you can spread the word to others to join JROTC, what would you say?  I would say it’s a wonderful program that teaches discipline and respect for yourself and  your peers. It’s provides an opportunity to participate in a once in a lifetime activities.

Anything else she would like to add?I would like to thank the JROTC program for allowing me to be involved in this opportunity and the to excel as a cadet.   

TSGT Oates:

What makes her stand out amongst her peers as far as personality?  She is quiet at times but actively participates in class and most all cadet community service and trips. She always has a smile on her face and has a very inviting personality.

How is she as a person?  Kevonne is an extremely caring person and volunteers countless hours to the community.

How does she measure against others in academics?  Kevonne is the poster child  in academics. She maintains the highest average in the class and strives to do her very best in academics as well as in the Military Science component to include wearing the Air Force Junior ROTC Uniform. I would put Kevonne at the very top of any class or school.