Lowery Middle Student of the Week

Allison B. Hudson

Name: Sha’Tia Campbell

Age: 12

Class: Ms. Bolden

GPA: 3.5

School: Lowery Middle School

Grade: 6th

Family: Parents are Timothy & Shaileathia Campbell (1) sister Tore and (1) brother TJ.                  

Hometown: Donaldsonville


Interests: Jumping rope, cooking and traveling

What’s your favorite course of study and why? Math, Math is my favorite subject because I think working with numbers is easy and very important.

Who is a teacher or professor who inspires you and why? Mrs. Zeringue inspires me because she takes her time to make sure her students learn.

Is there a current event that inspires you and why? The behavior bash inspires me because it let me know being good pays off.

What’s the greatest challenge of balancing academics, home life, social life and other activities? Time is the greatest challenge.

What are your plans after graduation and why? My plans after I graduate is to go to college and further my education, because knowledge is power.