Allison B. Hudson

First and last name: Dominique Thomas


Grade: 9th

Favorite subject and hobbies: My favorite subject is math. I also enjoy Band, JROTC, and Jr. BETA Club. I enjoy texting, reading, and hanging with friends.

Future Plans:My plans are to graduate high school and go on to college. I plan to attend Xavier University or Grambling State University. After graduation from college, I plan to attend medical school and fulfill my dream of becoming a Pediatric Neurosurgeon.

Why JROTC? I chose to be involved in JROTC because it showed me how to be disciplined and independent. I also wanted to honor my family because I have an aunt, cousin and two great uncles who served with some still serving in the military.

What do you like about the program?I like that there is discipline and leadership in this organization. There are many opportunities to succeed and it’s an overall great experience.

What are your goals in the program?   I have two major goals in this program. I accomplished my first goal of becoming the Cadet of the Month during my first semester in JROTC. My second goal is to continue working hard to become a staff officer of the cadet corps.

If you can spread the word to others to join JROTC, what would you say? I would tell others that JROTC is a great organization to join and a great experience. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and talents.

Anything else she would like to add? I would like to thank everyone who has helped me so far and I really appreciate them.  

Major Bailey:

What makes her stand out amongst her peers as far as personality? She is quiet but very involved with every aspect of JROTC. She is also very involved and enjoys band. She is always earlier to class and after school activities She is eager to get involved with our next endeavor. Since August, she has participated in many of our 47 community service activities.   

How is she as a person? Kevonne is an extremely kind and caring individual. She is one of the most active cadets and will volunteer for almost any community service conducted by the DHS AFJROTC.  

How does she measure against others in academics? Naturally, as Cadet of the Month she is one of the very best cadets in the cadet corps. Later this year, she will compete for the top cadet in the corps as “Cadet of the Year”. She is a rising star who take on additional cadet responsibilities and she will eventually become eligible to be selected as a member of our DHS AFJROTC Cadet Staff.