Staff reports

District 2 State Senator Troy Brown officially opens his legislative offices throughout the District and outlines a number of short and long term legislative initiatives that will be on the horizon in the coming months and years respectively.  District 2 is made up of a portion of eight parishes: Ascension, Assumption, Iberville, Lafourche, St Charles, St James, St John the Baptist, and West Baton Rouge. District offices are now open Monday thru Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 in Napoleonville, LA on LA 70 and in Brusly, LA in the Oaks Shopping Center. Two other District offices are located on Canal Blvd. in Thibodaux, LA, and on Belle Terre Blvd in LaPlace, LA. Senator Brown’s strategy in opening his legislative offices is somewhat unique and very advantageous to his constituents, being that he has been a business owner operating throughout the District 2 area for many years, coincidentally operating business locations in each corner of the District over the last 20 years collectively in Assumption, Lafourche, West Baton Rouge, and St John the Baptist. “By utilizing my business offices it provides a convenience to the constituents when they desire to meet with me or my Staff. In spite of the huge size of the District, they will travel less than thirty minutes no matter where they live in my Senate District. This gives them the assurance that I am assessable and the assurance of knowing I can be easily reached,” said Senator Brown.

                On January 9, 2012, Senator Brown took his oath of office and is now living up to the commitments made to the people during the campaign phase.  Legislative priorities planned for this term includes plans to reduce employer payroll taxes to lure and entice more small and large businesses into Louisiana, to expand the use of alternative sentencing for nonviolent crimes to reduce the outrageous cost of our Department of Corrections budget. Senator Brown commented, “This budget is higher than almost all fifty States in this nation due to our continued use of the incarcerate versus rehabilitate concept.” In the end, we now have an out of control Corrections budget and a recidivism rate that proves what we have been doing does not work.” The Senator also intends to legislatively maintain adequate services resources for elderly and Medicaid recipients.

                Senator Brown’s most important legislation in the upcoming Session will be to expand the public school transportation systems statewide, to include all state vocational and technical schools into their service routes. This effort is in keeping with Governor Bobby Jindal’s educational reform initiatives. “The Governor has taken steps to implement bold reform to our educational system because he realizes that the success of this State is directly predicated on the Success of providing a sound and capable workforce”. Employers are speaking over and over about the lack of a skilled and trained work force, so we must do what is necessary to provide what is needed’, said Senator Brown. The goal is to see transportation provided to students who choose to attend the Vo-Tech schools but do not have an available means of transportation. This problem is major in most of rural Louisiana as well as some Cities also. Whatever voids or difficulties our students have, our job to provide reasonable assistance to help when necessary. The more we get employed, the better success Louisiana enjoys in a number of ways”.

                On a district level, Senator Brown has implemented a scholarship program for graduating seniors throughout the district.  Five schools will be selected each year and offered a $500.00 scholarship to a selected student. This program will include the public and private schools throughout the District. “An adequate education is the key to get rid of the level of poverty that continues to rise in this State’, commented Senator Brown.  Brown also intends to empanel a Legislative Advisory Council of citizens throughout the district to assist with identifying the needs and concerns in the various areas. In addition to the State Senate web page and E-Mail,  Senator Brown plans to hold Town/Hall Meetings, public service announcements, and visit various governmental and community meetings to keep citizens abreast on legislative issues and to as well hear the issues and concerns of the people.

                “I encourage the people to contact me and my staff with your comments, questions, and concerns’. In the Senate we work as a group for all of Louisiana, not only our individual District. Input from citizens helps us to craft needed legislation so please do not hesitate to contact me. Please visit the Facebook or Louisiana State Senate website for all contact information.